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I was born and raised in Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada.  In 1965 I went off to Toronto to make my fortune.  I really didn’t have any intererest in working in the paper mill in town.  I wanted the excitement of the big city.  Before this time I had been to Winnipeg, Thunder Bay (Fort William and Port Arthur at the time) and Los Angeles California.  I went to Los Angeles with my aunt Nan, who was living and working there at the time when I was fourteen years old.  That was an exciting time for sure.  It was so long ago, but I can still remember so clearly the time I spent there.  Funny that…sometimes I can’t remember what I did last week.  Is that a bad thing??  I wonder.

Anyway, Toronto.  I arrived basically penniless, having maybe about twenty dollars in my pocket.  But, I survived, and within a month I had secured a job with the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto in the clerks department.  The office was in the newly opened Toronto City Hall on the second floor.   I had seen an article about the new city hall in the weekend extra that came with the Toronto Star a few months before.  What was that called…mmmm. I could not believe what was happening.  And I was making the grand amount of $57.05 cents a week.  Imagine!!!

Well, that was then, this is now.  I have lived in Fort Frances, Toronto, Winnipeg, Cancun Mexico, and now Mendoza, Argentina.

My grandmother left and her sisters

My grandmother left and her sisters

I love gardening and cooking, computers are driving me crazy.  But they are a necessary evil.  I also like genealogy, and have traced my maternal family back to the early 1500’s.  I am of Norwegian/Swedish descent, with a bit of English thrown in by my paternal grandmother.  Chasing down the paternal side is proving very difficult.  I lived with my grandparents when I was younger for about 4 years at two different times.  They were wonderful people, and I honestly believed that they would live forever.  I still miss them terribly.



I have never considered myself very political.  I have never belonged to a politial party.  But, as I live in this world, I do pay attention to what goes on around me.  And I do have things to say.  Most people tell me that I can’t do anything about the government, and shouldn’t get myself worked up.  But, I just can’t sit back and let things go by.  I think that if you have something to say, you should say it.  I don’t expect people to agree with me, I just think that they should listen to me…and of course I am open to listening to the opinions of others.

I should say that I am a monarchist.  Being born in Canada, a country where things actually seem to work may have had something to do with that.

The most wonderful portrait ever.

The most wonderful portrait ever.




9 thoughts on “Who am I

  1. Hey,
    Very nice Blog site! I love reading all of your “stuff”! And the fact that your research into family history is also of benefit to me! Haha! Will you be posting any family ‘stuff’?

    Love ya,

  2. Nice Blog site , you are very good at this 🙂

    I am very glad that you are interested in genealogy so we can working to find our common ancestors.

    Hugs from Anne Gro in Norway

  3. I’m a freelance journalist and writing a story about what it’s like to retire abroad for a major publication. I was hoping to speak to you about living abroad. I’m on a tight deadline and would need to speak in the next two days. Or I could send questions via email. Please let me know if that’s doable — you can reach me via email.
    Thanks in advance,

  4. Robert I hope you are still healthy and occasionally updating this site.I cant believe you are who you are and how I stumble on you. You left a comment on one of my blogs.
    I was born in Fort Frances , in the laverandry Hospital in 1938 and joined the navy in 1955 so I left for lot of years. Spent 20 Years in the Navy and about 20 with environment Canada.I have Lived in Southern Ontario since getting out and have been retird a number of years. We presently live in St Catharines. Can you believe the similarities ? Difference: I am a Technical person lol.

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